To play on the famous words of Emily Dickinson, most of us are too busy to stop for death. Consider our modern-day lives. Many of us are going a mile a minute, working 40+ hours a week while also trying to find time for family and friends. In fact, between the responsibilities of work, home, kids, marriage, and friends, it’s hard to find a moment to pause and catch your breath.

But what happens when life’s twists and turns lead you to one of the most difficult situations to deal with and one that brings everything to a screeching halt—the news that someone you love has been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Could you care for that person and still perform your daily duties? Would you have the strength to really “be there” for him or her? And how would you possibly cope during the battle…and prepare for the tough “new normal” to come once your loved one passes away?

These are questions we should all consider. In fact, my own struggles with these questions after my father became ill are what led me to write The Longest Year. (Find more about the book’s background by clicking here.) People deal with death in different ways; it’s only human nature. My goal is to help all who visit this site or read my book find a way to cope that they can live with.

Mike Isenberg



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